What do you get when you mix the hard-nosed grit of The Shield with the emotional insight of Six Feet Under? Me.


Hi, I’m Editor/Director/Writer Luke Brown. I use keen empathy and brutal honesty to create layered characters and tender relationships in tough, adverse worlds.


You’ve likely seen stories about characters facing their fears, beating the odds and basking in their moment of triumph. You’ve clocked that exhausted smile on a character’s face at the end of their long road to redemption and felt inspired to take on a challenge of your own. That same smile, though, can mask the toll it took to get there. That’s where I come in.


I’m interested in the cost of glory more than glory itself. When I think about milestones in my own life (trekking the Alps/scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef/roaming the Great Migration in Africa), my most vivid memories are of the journey, not the accomplishment. Instead of standing on top of the mountain, I see my feet stepping in front of each other on the way up. Why? Because that’s where the time was spent. Because that’s where the growth really occurred.


Exciting stories about the resilience of the human condition resonate with me because I’ve written some of my own, and I utilize the lessons I’ve learned as a storyteller. My life experiences have trained me to identify your character’s divine flaw, challenge it with ferocity, nurture it with love and transform it into their greatest asset.


My creative calling is to inspire others to love the struggle and be their own personal hero. To me, heroes aren’t super. They’re us. And like us, they’re vulnerable. In every scene, in every story, I sculpt emotions toward that vulnerability.


I build strong characters through urgent plots. I create intimacy within chaos. I am the keeper of heart in your action drama.


So, who’s your hero and how can I help you tell their story?


European Alps. Three countries. 120 miles. On foot.
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Celebrating Nowruz (Persian Christmas!)